We tried out a new venue for our adoption event on Saturday, 2/1 - Two Bostons in Danada Square West in Wheaton.  It is a good size store, so we had plenty of room for our tables and cages.  Loading and unloading was quick and easy, as it is a shorter distance.  The manager and staff were very welcoming and supportive.  It was a good experience.

Thanks much to Two Bostons Wheaton for hosting this event!

16 wonderful kittens (Latham, MayDay, Mayo, Brass, Copper, Fluff, Ocean, Zippy, Raleigh, Felicia, Minx, Arby, Tula, Knick Knack, Edgar, Raven) were the stars of our show.  Everyone did a great job of interacting with our guests both in their crates and during the numerous jaunts we had to the back room for individual meet 'n greet sessions.

3 pre-approved adopters came to the event, as well as 2 folks who were in the application process.  1 other application was received at the event.  Business cards were distributed to several more folks.

Latham found his forever home at the event with a terrific family from Elk Grove Village.  They were looking for a cuddle buddy for their 6 yr old daughter.  She held a number of our kittens, and Latham is the one that stole their hearts.  We have since received a report that he is settling in nicely and laying with the little girl already :-)

With Arby's endless energy and crazy antics, Arby & Tula received a lot of attention at the event.  We had one application in process for them and received another one at the event.  The application in process has since been approved and the adoption will be completed from their foster home shortly.  Arby & Tula will be the sole fur children of a very nice couple from Downers Grove.

Zippy and Raleigh were the pick of another pre-approved adopter who had very recently lost their long time loving cat companion.  The boys won them over and they thought they were ready to proceed, so they took them home on Saturday from the event.  Unfortunately, reality set in overnight and although they loved the kittens, they realized they were not ready, so the boys were returned to their foster home.  Fortunately, the boys handled the sleep-over just fine and are very ready to find their forever home!

Adoptions outside of events have remained steady with a total of 9 kittens and 4 adults finding loving homes since our last event.  5 of these adoptions were the result of connections made at the 1/11 adoption event: 

  • Cece's adoption was completed to the nice gal from Bartlett who fell in love with her at the 1/11 event.
  • Ruby was adopted by the family in Elk Grove Village to be the companion of their college-bound daughter who met her at the 1/11 event.
  • Puka Shell & Kiki were adopted by the terrific couple from Wheaton who selected them at the 1/11 event.
  • Our 9 yr old black boy, Milo, was the pick of the wonderful family from Wheaton who was looking for male kitty companion for the dad.  Milo won them over with his sweet and affectionate nature.

In addition, kittens (Rusty, Sebastian, Salty, Pistachio), teenager (Sissy), and young adult (Muffin) all found wonderful homes through applications received since our last event.  Kitten (Sangria) & young adult (Socks) went to their new families on the Sunday after the 2/1 event.

Thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event a success - Sara, Candy, Laurel, Diane, Karen L, Marge & Murray, Kaitlyn, Tracy and Amanda.  Thanks to Sara, Candy, Laurel and Marge, set-up went smoothly and efficiently.  Everyone did a great job of interacting with our guests and introducing potential adopters to our kittens during the event.  Thanks to Sara, Candy, Diane, Karen L, Tracy and Kaitlyn for hosting meet 'n greets in the back room and being my partners in adoption counseling.  Thanks also to Diane for transporting Amanda's fosters to/from the event.

Many thanks for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Candy for the photography & videography (when possible) during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Debbie and Mike for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board and binder; to Candy for washing the bowls.  Special thanks to Sara for creating new toy give away bags for our adopters, handling the cage cards in Steve's absence, and helping with the laundry.  Special thanks to Murray for coordinating and funding our lunch run.

We have 2 more adoption events scheduled in February:

  • Saturday, 2/15 - Pet Supplies Plus at 720 E. Ogden Ave. in Naperville, from 11am-3pm
  • Saturday, 2/29 - PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, from 11am-3pm - this is PetSmart National Adoption Weekend

Hope to see you there!



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