Completely Unpredictable Weather

With the snow on Halloween, the forecast could have been cold, cold, cold thru March. What we got was 50 & 60 degrees for several days at a time it was least expected. Supposedly, it’s the angle of the sun that determines when cats start mating.  I'm not so sure. If it is temperature, we could be looking at litters by the end of February – 9 week gestation period. Everyone keep their eyes open and pay attention to big tummies suddenly going flat. If a mom has a good shelter with sufficient straw and plenty of food to keep her milk up that is close to the shelter so she doesn't have to go far, the kittens should survive.

Our fosters that house moms and babies do not become active until about April and those are few and far between. Please think about becoming a mom & babies foster or talk to your friends and family.

So Many Adoptables

We still have a large number of kittens (who are rapidly becoming adolescents) available for adoption. 40 cats are posted on our Petfinder and 19 of those are black and black & white. It should be that a cat is a cat is a cat with each being judged on their personality and not their coat color. We hope that having so many of the same color is not holding back adoptions. We haven't wanted to count how many of what colors were adopted last year, but we did have an overwhelming number of black and b&w kittens.  As mentioned above, the 2020 kittens may be coming sooner than we would like and the fosters are already booked. Where will they go instead? Please share our adoptables with family and friends and as always, please consider fostering for us! There will be 16 black and b&w cats at our Saturday Adoption Event – come on by!!!

Below are some of the black and black & white cats and kittens that will be at our Adoption event on Saturday.


Imagine If There Really Were More Homes?

HB 1391 proposes that housing discrimination against people whose families include dogs, cats and other animal companions be banned in New Hampshire – the first state to consider such legislation. The precedent-setting bill by Representative Ellen Read addresses one of the most pervasive challenges faced by renters whose family includes an animal: lack of pet-friendly housing.

In addition to protecting families, the law also protects landlords, with reasonable restrictions and a pet deposit. A study of landlords who allow companion animals shows that concerns about damage are often exaggerated and easily addressed, as they are in the bill. Studies also show that such policies are likewise popular with tenants who do not have animals or don’t necessarily want one of their own. As a result, landlords will have happier tenants, longer-term tenants, and fewer vacancies.

More information about this ground-breaking legislation from the No Kill Advocacy Center can be found here.

2 Cats So Far

On 1/2/20 we sent 2 friendlies to ADOPT, one male, one female, they weren't big enough for a 2019 trip. That makes 2 for January and 2 for the year and 11,687 since we started in 2007!

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