New Tomahawk Trap

Our friends at Tomahawk are always experimenting with new ideas.  This is a new item that they have just produced.  Can't say I ever thought of a round trap before but I can see that it might have applications where a long rectangle would not.  There's a short video to demonstrate how it works.  We would need to transfer soon, not practical for housing a cat for very long.  We would definitely be interested in trying – anyone interested in donating one?

4 More Cats in December

On 12/19 we sent 4 ferals to ADOPT, 2 males, 2 females, trapped because the kittens were reported to be less than 6 weeks old, they turned out to be 3 months but once we had them, we needed to neuter them – we'll see if they decide to turn friendly.  This brings us to 6 for December, 714 for the year and 11,685 since our beginning.

We're working hard on catching up for the year, paperwork, events, so much!


  • Sunday, 1/19/2020 – Frosty Claws!  Fun, food, feline stuff & info.  Door prizes, silent auctions, raffles, huge crowd of friendly people!
  • Sunday, 4/19/2020 – Kitten Shower, noon to 4pm – stay tuned for details.
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