We know that people are very busy – the volume of calls has dropped!

Just days away from Christmas and the end of the year – everyone has so much to do.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to donate, visit our Adoption Event, participate in our Portillo's fundraiser, share our information to others!  Shopping online with Amazon Smile, Giving Assistant is an effortless way to donate!

This is the time of year that non-profits raise a significant portion of the funds they need for the next year.  We know the requests you are getting daily in your in-box, commercials, in the mail, it can be overwhelming.  We try to be different and entertaining when we can – our Sound Healing is a first for us!  Our #Giving Tuesday Black Cat Fundraiser is interactive and you can feel a sense of community when you donate and share the pics you treasure.  We've had many Facebook fundraisers and we appreciate those supporters who put themselves out there to ask for donations to Feral Fixers.

We've had a total of $5,000 pledged for matching funds in our #Giving Tuesday fundraiser and we are currently still under $2,000.  The fundraiser ends on 12/31 – please keep us in mind and help us look forward to 2020 with financial confidence!

2 Cats in December

On 12/6 we sent a female feral into ADOPT that was successfully trapped after months of trying and on 12/10 a male friendly made the trip to GEAH.  This brings us to 2 for December, 710 for the year and 11,681 since our beginning.

Remember we will resume trapping as soon as the overnight temperatures return to above freezing for the foreseeable future – March or April, but who knows in Chicagoland!  Many calls from people worried about cats being able to survive the winter – generally cats do very well, putting on weight to have an insulating layer, taking advantage of all the spots they have spent the last month or so scoping out.  When it is explained that there is a potential to do more harm than good if they are neutered at this time – reducing their immune system when they get vaccinations – people are very understanding and willing to wait until Spring.  As always, if there is a significant health issue, we will try to help.


  • Saturday, 12/21 4–5:45pm – Feral Fixers Sound Healing Event at Nick's Sweat Shop, 1200 Capitol Dr., Addison.  Take a break for a relaxing event!  Go here to learn more and sign up!
  • Sunday, 1/19, 2020 – Frosty Claws!  Fun, food and feline stuff & info.  Door prizes, silent auctions, raffles, huge crowd of friendly people!
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