Last Day For Trapping In 2020

You may think this announcement is a bit too early but judging from the rush at the end of this year, it can’t be emphasized too much.  October 29th will be the last s/n trip for ferals in 2020 (we are already finished for 2019).  No one should be trapping after 10/28/20.  When cats are neutered, the female gets her abdomen shaved and both sexes get vaccinations which can result in a lowered immune system.  We do not want to create health issues for these cats.  When the weather will accommodate trapping in the Spring – when the overnight temperatures are above 30 degrees consistently – we will keep you posted as to when we are back at it!

Our Last Two Trips

October 31st we sent cats to ADOPT and to DCAS.  Since the mobile unit at DCAS is outside, this was the last day for  them - the weather plays an important part for them too!

ADOPT neutered 6 ferals and 9 friendlies, 8 females and 7 males.

DCAS neutered 20 ferals and 3 friendlies, 12 females and 11 males.  One ‘feral’ turned out to have eye issues and despite having severely limited vision and being fearful was incredibly sweet.  She was switched to ‘friendly’ classification before going in.  She came from a Laundromat parking lot and therefore is named “Fluff” – could not resist!

On November 7th, we sent 19 cats to ADOPT, 7 ferals (year end rush) and 12 friendlies.  Of these, 12 were females and 7 were males.  This whittled away at our stockpile of adoptable kittens but there are more on hand that are not old enough for neuter yet. 

This brings us to 131 cats in October, 19 for November, 697 for the year and 11,668 to date since our beginning.

Remember that straw is the best insulation for ferals, not fabric or hay!


November 23, 2019 - Adoption Event at the Downers Grove PetSmart (located in the Finley Square Shopping Center at 1550 Butterfield Rd) from 12pm to 3pm.

December 3, 2019  Portillo's Fundraiser 1500 Butterfield Rd Downers Grove 5 – 8. Present this flyer (or show it on your smartphone) and 20% of dine-in, carry-out, drive-thru donated to Feral Fixers!

Sunday, 1/19, 2020 – Frosty Claws!  Fun, food and feline stuff & info.  Door prizes, silent auctions, raffles, huge crowd of friendly people!


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