Don’t have the info yet for today’s last trip for ferals but wanted to update on last two s/n days.

On October 24th, once again we made trips to both DCAS and ADOPT.

To ADOPT, we sent 13 cats, all friendlies, with 8 males and 5 females.  Two kittens came from a location we have done 26 cats from already, now 28, due to the large number of kittens.  Three kittens came in struggling with severe health issues, requiring syringe feeding even at 8 weeks, finally healthy enough for surgery!

To DCAS, we sent 20 cats in all, 17 ferals, 1 friendly and 2 kittens that had decided being tame was not an option and DCAS helped us out with eartips and vaccinations before we return them to their colony.  10 females and 8 males received surgery.  The friendly male is beautiful but gave a surprise as he had an unusual case of lice which Revolution treats.

On October 29th DCAS was kind enough to process two ferals that had shown up from caretakers that did not plan.  One male and one female did not have to wait an additional two days in a trap!

These 33 surgeries bring us to 93 for October, 640 for the year and 11,611 since our beginning. 

Be sure to check out our Winter Care tips (Cold Weather Care) on our website Home page!

My How Things Have Changed

Last week, the City of Rochelle, IL made a huge faux pas.  They announced a new program on their Facebook page – the program was approved 23 years ago – wherein residents could borrow traps from the City and take ferals to a local vet for euthanasia.  The outcry was immediate and intense.  Residents drove to the vet to protest, there were hundreds of posts and phone calls.  The vet had absolutely no idea that this had been posted and had not agreed to any part of this program.  The post has now been taken down but the interview with the city manager is still up.  They have no intention of following thru with that unfortunate program and are consulting with feral cat organizations nationwide and locally.  This will ultimately be a good thing for the residents of Rochelle and the cats but what a shock it was in today’s enlightened age to see this happen!  Many of our supporters weighed in on this issue, so glad to see!  Please be vigilant and educate!!!

Flood Of Black Kittens!

We really do not know what is going on.  A majority of the kittens we are trapping are black – solid black, black smoke, black with a little white, short hair, long hair, coming from North, South, East & West.  What is happening?  We’ve had short bursts where we get a concentration of one coat color or other but this has been three months with 75% black kittens.  Have we affected the gene pool with our trapping and only the parents with black genes are still producing?  Just got a new fluffy today, single kitten that sneaked into a garage, totally sweet from the get-go.  PLEASE do your research on black cats and how wonderful they can be and open your home to our fabulous cats!  Check out our Petfinder and come to our next adoption event on 11/9!


Saturday, 11/9 Adoption event PetSmart 63 Rice Lake Square Wheaton 11 - 3.

December 3, 2019  Portillo's Fundraiser 1500 Butterfield Rd Downers Grove 5 – 8.  Present this flyer (or show it on your smartphone) and 20% of dine-in, carry-out, drive-thru donated to Feral Fixers!

Sunday, 1/19, 2020 – Frosty Claws!  Fun, food and feline stuff & info.  Door prizes, silent auctions, raffles, huge crowd of friendly people!

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