On 9/26 we sent 9 friendlies to ADOPT, with 6 males and 3 females – ADOPT generously kept one adult male and 2 male kittens!Also on 9/26 we sent 9 ferals to DCAS, of which 7 were males and 2 were females.

This brings us to 80 cats for the month of September.

On October 3rd we sent 10 friendlies to ADOPT, 6 males and 4 females.

In addition, on October 3rd we sent 21 ferals to DCAS, with 9 males and 12 females.

This brings us to 31 cats for the month of October, 578 for the year and 11,549 since 2007!

We are not doing TNR the week of 10/17.

And remember November 5th will be the last trip for ferals for the year!

We still have some room at Wine & Whiskers

If you get your reservation in by Saturday, we still have space available to enjoy our fundraiser at Lynfred Winery.  Click on the link in the ad, or call Tammy at 630-881-3977 to arrange your reservation.  Payment by mail is probably already too late to get to us by Saturday.  Hope to see you!

Kittens Don’t Know It Is October!

Every call includes 6 to 8 wk old kittens!  Must be the final push for the year.  Unfortunately, human schedules just do not line up with the need.  Many of our fosters have had to stop due to increased Fall activities, family crisis, all valid reasons.  But the kittens just won’t stop.  Please contact visit our webpage and click on the links to fill out our foster application form if you can foster to get us thru the end of the year.

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