Cat’s Pride® cat litter has a donation program called Litter for Good™. When you buy a green jug of Cat’s Pride® litter, Cat’s Pride will donate a pound of litter to shelters across the country. This year alone, that could be as much as 5 million pounds of litter!

For Feral Fixers to be eligible to eligible to receive a share of the donated litter, we need nominations from our supporters. If you haven’t already nominated us to participate, it only takes a minute at Just join the free Cat’s Pride Club and fill out the nomination form. It’s simple, and you can make a major difference for us. The less we have to spend on litter means the more we can spend on caring for cats.

To join the club and nominate Feral Fixers,

  1. Visit and join the Cat’s Pride Club
  2. Search by Feral Fixers' Zip code (60148) and hit the nominate button

And you can help us more by ordering one or more  GREEN JUGs of Cat’s Pride litter (note, be sure and select the "Pure & Fresh" brand - that's the only one we're interested in) either for your own kitties or else to donate to Feral Fixers.

And for October, they're DOUBLING their donations - donating two pounds of cat litter for every jug purchased.

So join the CatsPride club and nominate Feral Fixers and buy some cat litter and help us in two ways - thank you!

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