The dreary weather must have kept everyone at home on Saturday, 9/28, as it was a quiet event at the Pet Supplies Plus in Bolingbrook.  For 11 of the 13 kittens at the event and all 3 adult cats, this was their debut at an adoption event.  So although it was a quiet day, it was a good opportunity for them to get their feet wet and learn the ropes of adoption events.

Felipe, Ferris, Puka Shell, Latham, Cobalt, Opus, Oyster, Nathan, Kiki, Ginger and Simba were the first time kitten participants.  They took the event in stride and seemed to relax by mid-afternoon.  Sandy and Salty were the seasoned adoption event kitten participants.  With no adopters in sight, by mid-afternoon, they crawled under or behind their beds to enjoy a nice nap in peace.  Frieda, Oreo and Syracuse were the first time adult cat participants.  Frieda enjoyed being petted and interacting with folks.  Oreo was a bit frightened, and Syracuse seemed to be dreaming of better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon ;-)

A great group of volunteers and fosters participated in the event, including Sara, Steve, Whitney, Laura B, Diane, and Marlene.  Thanks much for your help!  We had a good time interacting with each other and sharing information.  Cheri, Kim and Kaitlyn also made arrangements for their foster cats/kittens to be at the event.  Thanks to Diane, Kim's daughter, and Kaitlyn's fiance for helping with the transportation of these foster cats/kittens.

Thanks to the Bolingbrook Pet Supplies Plus for hosting this event and for their generous donation of food and supplies.

Thanks also for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Laura & Steve for helping with the photography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Steve for the professional-looking cage cards and volunteer name tags; to Debbie and Mike for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board and binder; to Sara P for helping with the laundry; to Candy for washing the bowls; to Sara/Steve for coordinating our lunch run.

We closed out the month of September with 29 adoptions including 13 kitten adoptions in the two weeks since our last adoption event (Veranda, Juliet & Terrace, Suzanna, Sasha, Franny, Monroe, Kellogg & Keyes, Nina, Maya, Caramel & Carly).  The pace has slowed a bit from July/August as families have gotten involved with their school year activities.  We have also placed the majority of the young kittens from nursing momma cats that we rescued this spring and are now seeking homes for some of the kittens whom we rescued at a slightly older age.  With a little time and patience, they are sure to find loving homes.

We have 3 events scheduled for October and early November - thanks to Steve for help with handling the scheduling:

  • Saturday, 10/5, Two Bostons at 2523 W. 75th St. in Naperville, from 12noon-3pm.  This is the annual Two Bostons Adopt-A-Rama.
  • Saturday, 10/19, PetSmart at 1550 Butterfield Rd. in Downers Grove, from 11am-3pm.
  • Saturday, 11/9, PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, from 11am-3pm.  This is the last PetSmart National Adoption Weekend of the year.

Please mark your calendars!



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