On 9/12 we sent 1 friendly, 12 ferals and one already spayed female to DCAS.  We had TNR’d the already spayed female on 9/11/17 almost exactly two years earlier at an Oriental restaurant in Roselle – in that time she had moved about a mile away and was living at some apartments which were undergoing renovation and management preferred that she leave – relocated since as part of our Working Cats Program.  Of the remaining 13 cats, 6 were female and 7 were males.

On 9/19 we sent 2 friendlies and 3 ferals to ADOPT, 1 male and 4 females.

We also sent 1 friendly and 18 ferals to DCAS, of which 12 were females and 7 were males.  Often, while cats are not friendly at the time we can guess who might become friendly, so 4 of the ferals were snap tested.  One of those, Faustino a big long-haired tabby/white is FIV+, had a fractured front canine and is going to go for a dental on 9/26, and has become very sweet in the meantime.  Darn friendlies!  They keep showing up!

Just to make sure we went everywhere on the same day, another new arrival, Tiberius, went to GEAH.  He had horrible sounding lungs, had received injectable antibiotics on 9/16 but was not getting better.  An xray was needed to see what was going on.  GEAH had a light surgery day so was able to take a bit more time with him – he received a snap test, xray, vaccinations, dental, neuter and a nail trim.  It was touch and go when they woke him up but he got thru it.  He has pneumonia, had 6 teeth removed, he is FIV+ and a polydactyl – needed those nails trimmed.  He can be a major grump as he is going thru being confined, antibiotics in his food, as those hormones are working their way out but can give really good head butts with that massive head.  He’s sounding a little better and we’ll soon go for a follow-up xray to make sure his lungs are getting better.  He weighs 13.7 pounds but is all muscle.

With these cats we have neutered a total of 62 in September, 529 in 2019 and 11,500 since our beginning.

Our feral trips come to an end on November 5th, depending on the weather, we never know when cold will descend on us!  We will probably have some friendlies on hand to neuter, but ferals will not start up again until sometime in April, again, depending on the weather.


I’ve mentioned our friendlies.  Friendlies need fosters.  A little bit easier for the kittens but for the adults who have gone thru so much to get to us and want to have a home, there are fewer fosters available.  We don’t want these guys in a crate, we want them in homes, getting acclimated.  Once Tiberius is healthy, where is he going to go?  He has to learn about couches, vacuums and ceiling fans.  It is so disheartening to know that we have no room for adults!  Please contact us if you have a spare room for an adult foster – if this has inspired you and you can do kittens instead or in addition – great!

Harley Update

Harley had her staples out last week and is doing so well!  Saturday she went to Catherine’s for foster – while she still needed to wear her cone and be confined most of the time, this way she would get soooo much more attention!  Including a picture of her incision after the staples and scabs were removed.  Pink bumps are the scarring that will subside soon.  Such a happy kitten!  Thank you to everyone who donated to help us with her expenses!

Wine & Whiskers

This will be our third Wine & Whiskers on 10/15/19 at 6pm at Lynfred Winery in Roselle.  Held in their Barrel Room it gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on at a winery.  For the $50 fee you will receive 3 samplings of wine – a white, a red and a fruit, bread, crackers, cheese.  Lynfred Wine is wonderful, I could have kept on drinking the Apple wine last year but needed to drive home!  Along with the wine, the conversation flows!  We will have 10 or so Silent Auction items, guests love those!  Please reserve your spot soonest so that we can make our goal of 35 guests, deadline 10/6/19.  Hope to see you there! 


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