On September 5th we sent 8 friendlies to ADOPT, of which 7 were males and 1 was female.  2 kittens had been found under a car 2 days before and were already very nice and there was another kitten that had been abandoned at a caretaker’s house – ADOPT took the three for adoption!

Also on September 5th, we sent 17 ferals to DCAS of which 10 were males and 7 were females.  Unfortunately, one male was in much worse shape than we knew and was euthanized, one of the females was already spayed.  We knew one female had an injured tail and they were able to amputate with great results.  We had gotten a call about a kitten that had been thrown in a dumpster at an apartment complex, luckily she was fished out and while there do not seem to be any injuries, it has affected her to the extent that we will be relocating her – though young, she will never be able to trust again and she certainly can’t go back to that complex!

Three weeks ago we received a plea about a friendly cat that was pregnant.  We got her, she definitely was large around the middle and got her into a foster.  And waited.  And waited.  Some times females blow up to appear about to deliver when they are only 3 weeks along!  On Saturday, when she still had not delivered, she was taken to the foster’s vet to be checked and we were informed that she actually had an incredible case of pyometra – basically an infected uterus. 

That vet was unable to do the surgery that day so she was quickly transported her to Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital who said that if she had not had the spay immediately, her uterus could have burst.  She stayed the night and is now back at the foster, recuperating.

With these trips, we’ve done 24 for September, 491 for the year and 11,462 since our start in 2007.

Harley’s Story

We try to stay away from hoarding situations but in August we did help someone with a large number of kittens in their home.  One of the kittens was without a rear left foot - when cutting the umbilical cord, new moms can mistakenly bite off the end of a tail or even a foot.  This is what happened to Harley but at the time of spay, she was totally healed and getting around just fine, no worries.  We let her go back to the home, in hopes that this good faith would facilitate future neutering of the other cats.  Fast forward a month and something has happened to the stump, infected and the bone is poking thru.  It is very difficult to heal cat legs, the only answer in this case was to amputate.  Harley tolerated the surgery very well, the staff at GEAH just wanted to hold her all the time!  She is now recovering and healing very well, not enjoying that cone tho!  After full recovery, we will be finding her a new home.

So many stories!  Our thanks to everyone who helps us to care for the cats – however they come to us and no matter what condition!

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