August just went by super fast!  On August 22nd we sent 13 ferals and 7 friendlies to ADOPT, with 11 males and 9 females.  On August 29th we were back to two locations in one day – at ADOPT we sent 5 ferals and 12 friendlies of which 8 were males and 9 were females and at DCAS we sent 14 ferals and 3 friendlies with 5 males and 12 females.  Most of the cats that went to DCAS came from one location in Bensenville – actually 14 total were trapped but 3 were only 7 weeks old – we appealed to DCAS to take them in for adoption as we did not have a foster for them, of the 11 left, we will be finding homes for another 4, so only 7 went back of the original 14.  Very good odds and an immediate reduction in the number of cats at this location in addition to there now being 5 spayed females in the 7 returned. I’m currently holding onto Mindy, Mitchel, Miles and Miffin, all four are black and all very sweet!  They do need a foster!

With these cats we neutered an additional 54 in August, bringing the August total to 103, year total is now 467 and 11,438 from our beginning!

Here are the four kittens from that large colony, Miles, Mitchel, Mindy and Miffin.  Miffin did not want to be friendly on Wednesday night so did go in as a feral = eartip, but was not big enough to get a rabies shot so we pushed it.  I can tell them apart but it will be a challenge for a foster at first!  They have varying levels of tummy upset but we may have turned a corner with that, food is now staying down.  That happens when they come inside and when they get neutered.  Such a big change, so much happening at once!  All four of them would just like to be held which is quite an armful!  We are sharing a pic of just how tiny a spay incision can be, no wonder they need to tattoo for the future!


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