Home Luke at the Vet making Happy Paws

We’re very careful with the stories we share.  We try to be positive and share only those “good” stories.  I feel I need to share Luke’s story to show the extent we will go to for the cats.

Luke came from an area that has 3 different large colonies within a couple blocks of each other.  After he was trapped and brought to me, I noticed his breathing right away - totally congested.  So he did not go for neuter but went to GEAH.  We started with Convenia & Baytril and he went into a crate.  No reduction in symptoms, so tried nebulizing.  Poor guy shredded his claws in desperation to get out, so two days (4 treatments) of that was enough - and the symptoms seemed to get worse.  Back to GEAH, no visible sign of polyp, worried about sedating when his breathing was so bad, another Convenia since it had been 7 days, started on fenbendazole in case he had a lung parasite and doxycycline in case the other antibiotics weren't the right ones.  Some improvement but when animated had a tough time breathing.  Back to GEAH for sedation (breathing improved enough to risk it), xray, more intense look down throat & ears, sample of fluids for testing and since sedated, neuter & the works.  With care, his coat improved, he was much less tense but still needed Convenia every two weeks to keep eye & nose discharge at a minimum. 

Time to go to Veterinary Specialty in Buffalo Grove to get a CT scan on 8/13.  This is his summary:

Problem List:

  • Congenital nasal/sinus malformation
  • Bilateral chronic rhinitis
  • Nasal stertor
  • Nasal congestion
  • Bump on nasal planum


Home Luke had further evaluation for his rhinitis. It was elected to proceed with a CT scan today. His CT scans that he has significant nasal congenital malformations. He has no nasal sinuses on the left side, and he has a fluid-filled area with significant bone malformation of the right sinus. He has some otitis interna. He has right septal deviation. The nasal passage shows moderate congestion and likely rhinitis in his nasal passages. He likely has chronic inflammatory rhinitis with recurrent secondary infections. The infections are likely from the inflammation and the sinus congenital malformations. We discussed following up with rhinoscopic/blind nasal biopsies and cultures.  Unfortunately, there is no direct cure for his current condition. Home Luke will likely need chronic intermittent antibiotics long term. He will also need anti-inflammatory therapy for the inflammation (oral steroids/inhalers).

Although this is not a life-threatening condition it will likely be chronic and need chronic management.

Due to the chronic needs of the patient, no curative options, and congenital abnormalities the rescue elected to not pursue further treatment and diagnostics and to have Home Luke euthanized while under anesthesia post-CT. We are very sorry for the loss of Home Luke. Please share our condolences to all that cared for him.

Luke was born with malformed sinuses and it was amazing that he survived long enough to be almost a year old when he came to us.  This story may seem very dry and technical but I cared for him for over two months.  He was always kneeding, always licking your hand and loved the feather wand toy!  It was great when he learned to play.  Flaked tuna foods were his favorite.  Unfortunately, his quality of life would not likely improve, expected to decline, there was no way to change that, so had to be let go. 

We thank everyone who donated to our As If They Were Our Own fundraiser.  This enabled us to provide the testing and care for Luke that he needed.  That came to almost $3,000.  We always try to make the best, most rational use of the funds from our donors and we are very grateful to be able to do so.

Another 49!

On a lighter note, we’ve neutered another 49 cats so far in August! 

  • On August 1st we sent 20 cats to DCAS, 7 ferals and 13 friendlies, with 9 females and 11 males.  On that same day we sent 10 friendlies to ADOPT, 2 females and 8 males.
  • On August 8th 16 cats went to ADOPT, 2 ferals, 14 friendlies, with 10 females and 6 males – one of the friendlies was an already neutered male that ADOPT kept to put up for adoption!  Yea!
  • We had three kittens that had heart murmurs and irregular heartbeats when they went in previously so on 8/15 we sent those 3 to GEAH for their neuters and they all did very well – 3 male friendlies.
  • We tried to take 8/15 off from TNR but we still got one male friendly that showed up – he went to ADOPT and they kept him after his neuter for adoption, too!

This brings us to 49 so far in August, 413 for the year and 11,384 since our start!

 Thank you all for your help!

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