2 weeks in Foster care - Happy & Relaxed!

On July 18th we sent cats to both ADOPT and DCAS.  13 friendlies went to ADOPT, 8 females and 5 males, making a dent in the volume of kittens we have on hand.  We sent 7 ferals and 8 friendlies to DCAS.  One of the friendly kittens had an irregular heartbeat, so was bumped to be neutered at a later date – sometimes the chambers in the heart close more slowly in kittens, we’re waiting a couple of weeks to see if this resolves before we go back for neuter.  5 females and 9 males were neutered.

On July 25th, 18 cats went to DCAS, 12 friendlies and 6 ferals, resulting in 9 females and 9 males.  We also went to ADOPT with 4 ferals and 4 friendlies, composed of 4 females and 4 males.

Balcony Kittens

Just yesterday, July 30th, we made an extra trip to DCAS – this was to neuter as many of the friendlies we had on hand to get them all to the point where they are adoptable.  Thank you DCAS for the extra day!  This trip was made up of 18 friendlies and 2 ferals, another 6 females and 14 males.  One of the ferals is the mom from the Balcony cats.  She had her 5 kittens in a storage unit on the 3rd floor balcony of an apartment building – imagine what a fall that would be!  Had to include the kittens picture from foster!

Injured Paw

During this second half of July, 4 cats went to GEAH for s/n to have health issues addressed at the same time.  Friendly male Tomas Jr had a tail injury, friendly Luke has breathing issues, feral Tux had a badly infected toe which had to be amputated, feral MJ had a significant wound on the bottom of his back right foot which could not be sutured closed and has gone back for several bandage changes.  We held onto all of these guys during recovery, Tomas Jr has gone on to foster, I’m still holding onto Luke (ruled out fungal and easty-to-see polyps), we hope to return MJ and Tux soon – their caretakers care about them very much!  We are able to care for these cats thru the donations of our donors – this additional care for these four has been well over $1,400, worth it when you consider that they can now go on to have full lives.  We have ONE day left for donations to our “As If They Were Our Own” fundraiser – there’s still time.  We have an additional donor pledge – if we go over the goal of $3,200, it will be matched up to an additional $1,000!  As I write this we just passed $2,400!  There is always a last-minute rush – please be a part of it and enable us to help cats like Tomas Jr, Tux, MJ , Luke and of course, Molly (who is doing great!), in the future!!!

With these cats, we have neutered 127 in July, 364 so far in 2019, 11,335 since our beginning!  That’s a lot of cats!!!!  Many thanks to our transporters and, of course, to our fosters who get up early on day of surgery to get their kittens to us!

Upcoming events

Hope you can join us at Panera, Finley Square, on August 5th, print a flyer, show on your phone, order and pick up with the promo code “PRFUND” to make sure a portion of your purchase goes to Feral Fixers!  Make sure we meet our minimum required purchases!  Don’t count on someone else to participate - “Someone else” may not make it there from 4pm to 8pm – help us continue to help the cats of DuPage County!  So many choices for everyone!  See you there!

August 10th Adoption Event at Pet Supplies Plus in Naperville – come visit those kittens I mentioned above – have heard from other rescues that they don’t have a lot of kittens this year – go figure!  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and get pre-approved!  We’ll be sending at least 10 more in for spay/neuter this week!


Thank you to everyone who makes this possible!

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