Our adoption event on Saturday, 7/13, at the PetSmart in Finley Square Shopping Center in Downers Grove marked the official start of the 2019 kitten adoption explosion!  Activity abounded at the event as many guests stopped by to see all of our wonderful kittens. We were happy to have space at the front of the store in the aisle next to the Chicagoland Animal Rescue adoption center.  We were thankful to also have use of the dog training area for get acquainted sessions with our kittens.

1 adult cat (Twinkle) and 26 kittens (Blackberry, Blarney, Dexi, O'Keefe, Mora, Moesha, Ripley, River, Tiramisu, Tisha, Tinkerbell, Tik Tok, Tippi, Archy, Ariel, Arroyo, Sandy, Salty, Monty, Monroe, Montana, Sammie, Sawyer, Santiago, Sagan, Sasha) were the stars of our show.  Twinkle was in the front crate and graciously greeted all of our guests.

Most of the kittens were very calm and interacted wonderfully with our guests.  Kudos to the fosters for their outstanding socialization!  Mora and Moesha were having a rough time with the event and being stuck in a crate.  Fortunately, Tammy stopped by in the niche of time and she and Candy held them close and calmed them down.  They were fine after that for the rest of the event.

3 kittens went to their new homes from the event:

    • Tinkerbell & Tik Tok were adopted together by a great gal from Hennepin, IL.  She made the long trek up for these beautiful Maine Coon mix babies.  She and her 14 yr old daughter are sure to give them lots of love.
    • Monty was adopted by a terrific gal from Broadview, IL.  He will have a girl kitten, whom the gal's daughter recently adopted, as a playmate.

3 applications were received at the event.  1 was approved and resulted in a subsequent adoption:

      • Dexi was adopted by a nice couple from Aurora.  She will be a friend for their 2 yr old male cat.

Prior to the event, in the 3 weeks since our last event on 6/22, we have done an amazing number of adoptions - 27 in total!  This included 3 adults: Symon, Tavis, and FIV+ Leggett; 2 teenagers: Elan, Elmira; and 22 kittens: Cupcake, Cinnabon, HoHo, Mocha, Moonpie, Aladdin, Dominique, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Desmond, Rio, Tulip, Snowflake, Bloomie, Blaze, Destiny, Montreal, Dottie, Donjanae, Doyle, Dougal, Samba, Samson.

A busy time, indeed, with lots to celebrate!

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event possible.  Thanks to Sara, Steve, Bernie and Candy for the smooth and efficient set-up and clean-up.  Thanks to Sara and Bernie for your outstanding help with adoption counseling.  Thanks to Debbie for creating the required adoption paperwork.  Thanks to Debbie, Karen, Cathy, Julie, Laura B, Kim M, Gillian/Candy, Catherine/Shari/Laurel for bringing your foster cat/kittens to the adoption event and staying as much as your could to help promote them to our guests.

Thanks also for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Steve for arranging the event with the store; to Candy for the excellent photography & videography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Steve for the professional-looking cage cards and volunteer name tags; to Debbie and Mike for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board and binder; to Sara for helping with the laundry and coordinating our lunch run.

It is truly a team effort that makes these events successful!

Our next adoption event is Saturday, 7/27, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, from 11am-3pm.

We will have 2 adoption events in August on 8/10 and 8/24.  Steve is working to secure venues for those events, so please stay tuned!



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