When you don’t see an update, you can usually assume we are incredibly busy! Too many days I get a phone call at 8AM (or earlier) about a crisis – injured cats, kittens in a hazardous situation – which can completely screw up a scheduled day!

In May, we neutered 29 cats, bringing our total for May to 62. So far in June, we have neutered 62 cats, bringing our total for the year to 219 and our total since our start to 11,190! One unexpected effect of our spay/neuter efforts is the increased fighting among the cats as the numbers go down, competition for mates has increased, resulting in an increase in injuries – wounds, broken teeth. The two cats euthanized had wounds that could not be treated in a feral cat that was unable to be handled. The neuters at GEAH have been done when a cat is already there for another injury and not wishing to multiply sedations. All the more reason to neuter early!!! We have been very aggressive in finding and taking in kittens – well over 100 on hand, which will be headed for neuter in the next few weeks! Many thanks to our vets for their help in neutering and caring for all of these felines! We so appreciate our transporters, Debbie, Charli, Dedra, Laura, Linda & Mark and newcomer Brett, for moving these cats around!

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