It was a cold, but snow-free day for our adoption event on Saturday, 2/9, at the PetSmart in Wheaton, which was great given the winter we have been having! Folks seemed happy to be out and about, and we had good foot traffic at our event.

7 kittens (Keenan, Irish, Petey, Cowboy & Corazon, Constance & Cotton) and 3 adult cats (Jasper, Millie Topper) were the stars of our show. Everyone took the event in stride. The temperature in the store was a bit chilly, so several kittens snuggled under their blankets to keep warm.

1 adoption occurred during the event to a pre-approved adopter, and several other pre-approved adopters stopped by to meet and interact with our cats & kittens. We also received a new application and distributed business cards to several guests.

  • Millie went home with nice young gal from Elgin. Having grown up with cats & dogs, she was looking for a companion in her new apartment. Millie's sweet and friendly personality won her over, and I have been receiving great reports on Millie ever since.
  • Topper was the choice of a family from Streamwood. They recently lost an orange male cat and were looking for a new companion. Topper is targeted to go to his new home mid-week.
  • Petey won the heart of a family from Wheaton. Mom and daughter met Petey at the event. Once they got dad's agreement, they submitted an application which was subsequently approved. A meeting is scheduled with the whole family and their dog later this week to determine if Petey is a match.
  • Constance & Cotton caught the eye of a couple of families. An application was submitted and is under evaluation and another visit is being discussed, but nothing is definite at this point.
  • Jasper's rugged good looks also drew a lot of attention. He was visited by a Feral Fixers supporter and former adopter of Pennington, another large male cat with lots of personality. I have also since received an on-line application for Jasper.

So all in all a good day. Many thanks to PetSmart for hosting this event.

Adoptions are winding down a bit as we have found homes for many of the cats and kittens we rescued last fall, and very few new cats or kittens will be coming our way until spring. The severely cold weather we had at the end of January also did not help. Only 2 kittens (Canyon & Cannoli) were adopted since our last event two weeks ago. Just before the event, Pickles' foster family decided that they are going to keep her :-)

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event a success (Sara, Steve, Candy, Ted, Laura B, Diane, Jennifer, Cheri, Marilyn, Tracy, Erika). Set-up occurred in record time thanks to Sara, Steve and Ted, and clean-up was very efficient as well thanks to Sara, Steve, Ted, Laura B and Cheri. A special welcome to Ted, our newest volunteer.

Many thanks also for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Candy for the excellent photography & videography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Steve for the professional-looking cage cards; to Debbie and Mike for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board and binder; to Sara for helping with adoption counseling, adoption paperwork and the laundry; to Steve for entering a stack of adoptions into the PetSmart iPad; to Sara/Steve for coordinating our lunch run.

We have 1 more adoption event planned for February:

  • Sunday, 2/24, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, from 11am-3pm - this is the first PetSmart National Adoption Weekend in 2019.

March and April adoption event schedules are being negotiated and will be posted shortly.



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