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As you can imagine, as the calendar rolls by, conflicting emotions are produced. Here it is already December and we have so much more to do! December, we can take a little break! While we cease neutering ferals because of the cold, etc., there is the rush to neuter all the kittens still on hand - which we have done! December is the time for our Holiday Card, our print newsletter, preparing for Frosty Claws, catching up on all the things there has not been time for all year, increased adoptions, more calls about ferals that are sick or injured and need intervention, other than s/n.

2018 has been a really tough year, fewer volunteers, movement in key positions in the organization, we're all getting older and that has new responsibilities and time pressures for each of us. We have been unable to find the right location for our building as of yet, unexpected roadblocks, and again, time constraints as we still have all the original responsibilities to manage.

Load 'em up!

2018 has been a great year, we neutered 654 cats, the overlap between caretakers is resulting in colonies being neutered more completely, we don't have to go to Chicago for all our s/n - DuPage County Animal Services has stepped up in a vital way, ADOPT Pet Shelter has done a huge number of surgeries for us. Residents are much more willing to shoulder the responsibility of fostering kittens and adults themselves, working with us to get them adopted. DuPage County Animal Services will schedule appointments with caretakers to neuter ferals, release them back to caretakers. Feral Fixers is being acknowledged and respected for our work, more and more.

Donation of a "new to us" vehicle, which has enabled us to use fewer vehicles to make a trip for s/n or to increase the number of clinic trips in one day. Rescue Bank, a nation-wide organization, has been helpful with food donations as well as connecting with vendors for other supplies that are a huge benefit.

We've ended the year with several trips in December for s/n. On 12/6 we sent 17 friendlies to ADOPT, 8 males and 9 females. On 12/12, a friendly male popped up, no other solution, ADOPT squeezed him in at the last minute. On 12/13, we sent 9 cats to ADOPT. 4 ferals - two that had been held onto in hopes they were going to be friendly, a cat that was allowed in/out, a mom cat that was finally ready for spay, 5 friendlies - the last of the kittens! Of those, 6 were female and 3 were male. This brings us to 27 for December, 654 for 2018 and 10,971 since our beginning in 2007! Many thanks to Debbie, Dedra and Charli for transporting!

Join us at Frosty Claws!

Traps in the snow...

We are working on Frosty Claws – our 11th annual – join us on January 20th at the Villa Park VFW, 39 E St. Charles Rd, Villa Park, from 12 noon to 4PM. Huge number of cat-friendly people, lots of fun, lots of food, a great time is had by all! We will have Silent Auction, door prize raffle, stick raffle, our boutique - great stuff! Many people love to participate by donating gifts – please keep in mind that it should be items that are new, collectible, handmade – we’ve had an antique toboggan, wall hangings, a Lake Michigan sailboat trip, Chicago Blackhawks tickets, cat shelters, quilts, you name it! Can’t re-gift to family members? Gift cards that you cannot use? Make handmade prize-winning pottery? We’ve received some surprising things that our attendees have loved! Please contact Tammy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 630-881-3977 about donations. Still wanting to bake after the holidays? Please contact Sue at 630-661-8509 if you would like to share your special recipes with an appreciative crowd!

If you would like to volunteer for Frosty Claws, help set-up, transport, help during the event, clean-up at the end of the day, please contact Tammy 630-881-3977. Many hands make light work!

Thank you all for all the gifts we have received in 2018 and wish you a



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