It was a beautiful day to bring out our cats and kittens for the adoption event on Saturday, 3/10, at the Naperville Pet Supplies Plus store. 10 cats and teenage kittens were the stars of our show:

  • Princess - Beautiful ~1 yr old light orange tabby girl, who was happy to interact with our guests.
  • Powell - Super sweet ~2 yr old orange tabby with white boy, who just couldn't get enough attention - what a sweetheart!
  • Sparky - Handsome ~4 yr old black & white long fur tuxedo boy, who was similarly initially excited by all of the attention, but then got enough, so his foster mom took him home.
  • Corn - Super sweet, but a bit more shy ~4 yr old orange tabby with white boy. He felt safest hiding under his blanket ;-)
  • Peony - Adorable ~9 mo old brown tabby with white girl, who was a little scared, but enjoyed being petted.
  • Babette - Gorgeous ~5 yr old long fur gray & white Maine Coon mix girl, whose striking green eyes looked like they were outlined with eyeliner.
  • Betty - Sweet and gentle ~3 yr old dilute tortie girl, who entertained us by sporty a princess hat!
  • Poppy - Spunky and vocal ~2 yr old girl, who told us all about the ride over when she first arrived, but then settled in nicely, enjoying pets.
  • Bali - Pretty ~1.5 yr old brown tabby with white girl, who was a bit shy at the event, but loves cuddling with her foster mom at home.
  • Trixie - Cute and sweet ~10 mo old brown tabby girl, who would have likely preferred playing, but graciously interacted with our guests.

We were visited by a wonderful family from Bolingbrook who previously adopted a Feral Fixers kitten in 2011 and are now looking to add a buddy. They are planning a follow-up visit with Betty and Trixie.

Another couple from Lisle stopped by who had met Jasmine in her foster location prior to the event. While they enjoyed meeting the kitties at the event, Jasmine is still their top choice. The adoption is targeted within the next week.

Several other individuals and families stopped by to meet our kitties. One gal submitted an application for Peony - follow-up is underway.

While foot traffic was a bit light in the store, there was great camaraderie among the volunteers and fosters, and it was a good opportunity for many folks to meet and interact. One of our great kitten and nursing mom fosters, Gillian and her daughter, Nora, stopped by to say hi. Her parents were also there. They are planning to adopt a pair of spring kittens when they become available. We had two new volunteers at the event, Jessie and Steve. This was also the first adoption event for several fosters, including Kate, Sue, Lisa, Carmen and Jeff. Welcome to all!

Overall, adoptions are slowing down a bit as most of our fall kittens have found homes and we won't be posting too many new kitties for awhile, but hopefully now we can focus on our adults. 7 kittens (John Snow, Ding Dong, Tweety Bird, Wonder, Noelle, Periwinkle and Sweetums) and 1 adult (Sterling) were adopted since our last event :-)

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event possible, namely Sara, Bonnie, Jessie, Steve, Candy, Julie, Diane, Kate, Jeff, Lisa, Carmen, Sue and Cheri. Special thanks to Diane and Debbie for transporting several cats and kittens to the event.

Many thanks to Julie and Candy for the creative photography and videography during the event. The hats were adorable, Julie! Thanks to Connie and Ted for the great advertising and real time coverage of the event. Thanks to Mike and Debbie for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and board. Thanks to Sara for the help with the laundry.

Lauren - we missed you and your creative cage cards! We hope you will be feeling better and back soon. Jessie helped us out in the interim creating the cards - thanks, Jessie.

Our next event will likely be in early April. Please stay tuned for the date and location.



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