In the crazy last month, we neutered an additional 7 cats.

On 12/20/17 we sent two older feral kittens to PAWS, Laura trapped, transported. This brought December to a total of 23, year end was 872.

On 1/11/18, Noelle (friendly) went to PAWS for her spay, Laura transported in and Debbie picked up. On 1/25/18, we sent 4 friendly kittens to PAWS thanks to Charli transporting in the morning and Debbie picking up in the evening. So for January and total for the year we have 5 cats, bringing our to date total to 10,322.

We just don't know what the weather is going to be, as I write this its a windy 50 degrees outside and expected to fall back to the 30's during the day in just two days, overnights in the teens. Our policy is to NOT neuter ferals until the overnight temperatures are expected to be above freezing in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned.

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