We have officially stopped TNR for the year. Still a few unneutered friendlies are showing up and there's the backlog of kittens coming of age for neutering, so we will have a couple more trips yet this year for neutering.

On Thursday, 11/17/16 Feral Fixers sent 14 ferals and 10 friendlies to PAWS. Debbie & Charli transported in the morning and Debbie & Laura picked up in the PM. There were 13 males and 11 females. This brings us to 24 this trip, 90 for the month of November, 954 for the year and 9,389 since our start in 2007. We're closing in on 1,000 for the year!

The kitten from the last post went for an appetite stimulant today - he's hanging in there so far - so we had to name him - he seemed to like anything that started with "Super" for his name! Names have power, so hopefully this will add that extra oomph to his making it.

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