Fiona in her Pumpkin Hat

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend (11/11-11/13), including our adoption event on Sunday, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, was a huge success in terms of adoptions! With the event flyer posted and advertising beginning on Monday, we had many email inquires all week and an excellent turn-out at the event. Many adoptions resulted both at the event and before and after at the foster homes.

7 kittens all went to wonderful homes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday preceding the event.

  • Stella was adopted by a terrific retired gal from Palatine, who will have plenty of time to give her love.
  • La Salle and La Lani were adopted by a nice young couple from Naperville. La Salle and La Lani will be their first fur children!
  • Trusty was adopted by a terrific young couple from Chicago. They are very excited to have him and have sent photos already.
  • Aurelia and Carmella were adopted by a great couple from Elmhurst. They will have a 14 yr old Schnoodle to play with.
  • Marigold was adopted by a wonderful family from Elmhurst. They have had several rescue cats and dogs in the past, and currently have a beagle and lab. They came to the adoption event on Sunday and adopted Emmy as a companion for Marigold.

5 kittens and 1 cat went home during the event.

  • Emmy went home with the family from Elmhurst who adopted Marigold.
  • Billy and Stripes were adopted by a terrific family from Elmhurst. They had a brother/sister pair of cats and recently lost the female. The male cat was very lonesome as was the family, so Billy and Stripes should bring them much joy.
  • Oriole was adopted by a nice young gal from Glendale Heights. Oriole will be her only kitty, so they will have a good opportunity to bond.
  • Rueland went home with a great family from Romeoville. He will be a perfect companion for their 3 sons.
  • Marmaduke (Marley's and Martini's brother) was adopted on Saturday. He was adopted by the niece of Jim, his foster dad. He will have a great life with them!
  • 1 kitten and 1 adult went home on Monday and Tuesday, and 1 kitten and 1 adult are likely to go home later in the week.
  • La Porte was adopted by a wonderful Feral Fixers supporter. She recently experienced some personal losses, so La Porte will bring her lots of joy, and she will give him lots of love.
  • Luther went home on Tuesday with a terrific family in Bartlett. He is sure to love all of the one-on-one attention he will receive as their only cat.

Blondie caught the eye of a nice gentleman at the adoption event. He subsequently completed an application, was approved and will be meeting Blondie on Wednesday.

Although she was not at the event, Ellie's photo and description in our Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder caught the eye of a nice young gal from Hinsdale. She subsequently completed and application and was approved. She and her dad will be meeting Ellie next Saturday to see if she is a match.

So, 15 adoptions leading up to, during and immediately following the event, and 2 possible adoptions later this week. A wonderful weekend indeed!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Kim created a beautiful raffle basket featuring personal care products - thanks, Kim! Fiona was sporting her pumpkin hat, knitted by Debbie.

Many thanks to the 28 kittens (La Porte, Kevin, Emmy, Ethan, Etienne, Rosie, Coco, Billy, Stripes, Tiger, Delilah, Dexter, Disney, Bella, Beaver, Harry Hastings, Dannon, Chicka, Christos, Chevy, Marley, Martini, Schnapps, Scrumptious, Honeydew, Oriole, Guava) and 3 adult cats (Blondie, Luther, Rueland) who were the stars of the show. All 3 adult cats are likely to be adopted - amazing!

Even more thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event a success! Thanks to Sara, Christine, Lauren, and Debbie for helping with the set-up and clean-up as well as interacting with guests and adoption counseling during the event. Sara, your help with the adoption counseling and adoption paperwork was invaluable - couldn't have done it without you. Marissa, thanks so much for stepping in to help with the adoption paperwork. Lauren, you do an amazing job of creating all of the cat cage cards, especially given the number of cats & kittens we have at events. Christine, thanks so much for all of your help promoting our cats & kittens and bringing in the adopters. Thanks also to Laurel for helping with the set-up and our initial round of guests (so appreciate your time), and to Syd for coming by during to learn the ropes and help with the clean-up - hope to see you at future events.

Thanks to the fosters who brought their kittens to the event and stayed as much as they could to promote their kittens during the event, specifically Jessi, Jillian, Sarah, Jan, Karen, Diane, Marissa, Marjorie, Jim, Debbie, Jeremy and Kim. Your participation is key to a successful event!

Thanks to Christine, Sara and Marissa for handling the photography and videography during the event. Thanks also to Connie and Ted for doing a great job of promoting the event, to Mike for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and to Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board. Lauren - thanks, as always, for bring the Comfort for Critters blankets for our adopters. It was exciting to see that we have depleted your stock and you need to get more! Thanks also to Sara and Christine for handling the laundry from the event. And finally, a shout-out to Julie, long time Feral Fixers supporter, for attending the event, helping promote our kitties with potential adopters and helping with the photography. Thanks, Julie!

We have two more adoption events this year. On one Saturday, 12/3 and another on Saturday, 12/17. Both will be at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, 11am-3pm. Hope to see you there!

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