It was a Halloween celebration at our adoption event on Saturday, 10/29, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton! We raffled off a wonderful Halloween Treat Basket, compliments of Kim. Sara also baked some delicious pumpkin spice cake. There were even a few children in costume who stopped by for some treats, as PetSmart hosted Trick or Treating.

We had a wonderful collection of cats and kittens at the event. 26 kittens (Scrumptious, Scrabble, Scuba, Schnapps, Bella, Squirt, Bali, Beaver, Honeydew, Papaya, Harry, Hastings, Trusty, Dannon, Saki, Casino, Beau, Ellie, Christos, Chika, Chevy, Noodle, Peanut, Posey, Scooter, Scotty) and 2 adults (Dory, Victor II) attended the event. Everyone did very well.

We were again in the center aisle near the back of the store. This is actually a pretty good location, as it is a little quieter, it is close to the room we use for kitty interactions, and we still get a good amount of foot traffic. We had one adoption at the event and accepted applications from 4 other potential adopters.

  • Victor II went home with a nice family from Tinley Park. He will have a 3 yr old dog as a companion. They recently lost a cat who looked very similar to Victor II. He and the dog were buddies, so hopefully Victor II and the dog will also become friends.
  • A couple from Carol Stream came to the event hoping to meet Channing. Unfortunately, he was not there, but they completed an application, and we will likely be arranging a visit in his foster home sometime next week.
  • A gentleman from Lombard who has previously adopted from us stopped by looking for a companion for his cat. Scrabble caught his eye. We will be reviewing his application.
  • A gal from Villa Park stopped by and expressed interest in several of our kitties, including Dory, Christos, and Harry & Hastings. I emailed her an application to complete.
  • Right before the event ended, a mom and her two children stopped by looking for a pair of kittens. They liked Papaya & Honeydew as well as the Scrumptious, Scrabble, Scuba & Schnapps litter. Mom seemed especially drawn to Schnapps. I emailed her an application to complete and hope to be arranging some visits in the foster homes.
  • Another couple stopped by and completed a foster application. They are especially interested in fostering a pregnant feral mom and kittens. This will be very helpful next spring. Hopefully we can convince them to foster an adult or some kittens in the interim.

So, all in all, a good event with the potential for several adoptions and lots of good exposure. Fiona, our animatronic cat, was sporting her alien hat - a good Halloween costume!

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event a success! Thanks to Sara, Christine, Lauren, and Marissa for helping with the set-up and clean-up as well as interacting with guests and adoption counseling during the event. Thanks also to Laurel for stopping by to help with the set-up.

Many thanks also to the fosters who brought their kittens to the event and stayed as much as they could to promote their kittens during the event, specifically Jan, Karen, Diane, Marissa, Marjorie, Nikki, Candy, Dedra and Jenny. Your participation is key to a successful event! Special thanks to Jan for transporting Judy's cats to/from the event. Extra special thanks to Nikki who took Dory home to foster after the event - what a great opportunity for her!

Thanks also to Candy, Christine and Sara for handling the photography and videography during the event. Candy and Christine did an excellent job of real time posting on Twitter and Instagram during the event. Feral Fixers definitely has a growing social media presence! Thanks also to Connie and Ted for doing a great job of promoting the event, to Mike for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and to Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board. Thanks to Lauren for creating the cage cards in advance - a big task given the number of kittens & cats.

Final thanks to Lauren, Sara and Christine for their help with some of the background work. Lauren will be delivering the raffle basket to the winner. Sara and Christine took all of the laundry to wash. We are a great team!

Our next adoption event is Sunday, 11/13, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, 11am-3pm. It is PetSmart National Adoption Weekend.

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