22 Cats Takes Two Vehicles

It's Sunday morning and I've had to tell the second person of the day that we cannot help them with the cats they are caring for. I cannot express how stressful and disheartening that is. We do not have sufficient general funds on hand. With every new location, a minimum of 30% of the cats are friendlies and kittens - we have too many cats on hand available for adoption or needing foster. We cannot absorb any more - insufficient fosters, space and money. We cannot continue this year with new locations. We will do our best to take care of the locations already on our books. We're making a list of those who contact us in hopes that we will be able to help them before next Spring but we are not making any promises. One of the calls today has four 8 month olds, one of which the man would like to bring in but has no funds. The other, the cats showed up this past week - taking advantage of the fact that the couple's hunting dogs were gone for hunting season (somehow they know) - I advised stop feeding and put out used coffee grounds in hopes that the cats would go back to where they had been being cared for as they had to come from somewhere. Would much rather TNR than give out advice and put people off.

Loaded up for PAWS

That being said, we processed another 8 cats at ADOPT on 10/31, 7 friendlies and one feral, 5 females and 3 males. Dedra transported both ways. This brings us to 132 for October!

On 11/3 we sent 12 friendlies to ADOPT, 5 female and 7 male, Laura transported in the AM and Ted did pickup in the PM. Also on 11/3, we sent 11 ferals and 11 friendlies to PAWS with 10 females and 12 males, Debbie and Charli transported in the AM and Debbie and Dedra picked up the bunch in the PM. These two clinics in the same day resulted in 34 cats for the month of November, this brings us to 898 for the year and 9,333 since we began in 2007.

Please donate now so that we can continue to resolve more locations and reduce the kittens in 2017!!!

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