20 cats at PAWS

From 9/29 to 10/28, Feral Fixers sent to 164 cats to PAWS, ADOPT and GEAH. 106 ferals and 58 friendlies of which 72 were male and 92 were female. Several days cats were sent to two or sometimes all three spay/neuter clinics. Transport was done by Debbie, Dedra, Charli, Laura, Jennifer, Judy, Sue, Ted. An eye removal was done at PAWS, a tail amputation was done at ADOPT. It is dizzying but that brings us to a total of 169 for September, 124 to date for October, 856 for the year and 9,291 since our beginning in 2007! And we have many more to go! 

Friendlies ready for pickup at A.D.O.P.T.

Also dizzying is the cost. If these 164 cats had been done at the pre-May rates at PAWS, they would have cost us $6166.00. Instead the total for ONE MONTH of cat spay/neuter alone is a staggering $9,964! Our general fund is extremely low. So many people have not been able to donate towards the cats that they have been caring for, but we have always managed to raise funds to cover that shortfall with donations. We have always paid our bills in full and on time, even early. Now we're keeping an eye on the balance and sending payments on the due date - years since we have had to do that! 

Ready to be loaded for transport

We will be doing a Giving Tuesday fundraiser but with the prospect of at least 200 more cats between now and the end of the year = at least $15,000 more in expenses for this calendar year, we don't know what we're going to do. We'll be working on some ideas, if you would like to do a fundraiser for us we would be happy to share our info with you - data, links on our website, facebook. Throw a party and ask people to bring donations for Feral Fixers! Work towards a goal and ask people to donate to help motivate you to get there! We need your help, your time and of course, your donations! 

Lots more info in the next newsletter.

 Thank you for helping us do so many cats in such a really small amount of time!

 (All pictures taken by Debbie Mostowski - thanks Debbie! As with all posts on this blog, click on any of the thumbnails to see a full-size picture.)

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