51 Cats in this Garage

Fall is when the cats are so much easier to trap - they are eating more, getting ready for winter, they are hungrier, and their libidos are winding down! As a result, we had more cats on hand than we could handle for Thursday, 9/22/16!

When the numbers were climbing we placed a call to ADOPT's spay/neuter clinic and they could absorb 15 surgeries. When, still more showed up, Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital said they could accommodate 5. This is a total of 45 cats! And we still curtailed more than 6 others that could have had surgery. We used 3 clinics and four vehicles to get the cats to and from in AM & PM.

Twinks made a cave out of shredding newspaper!

PAWS - Debbie and Charli transported in the morning and Debbie and Dedra picked up. There were friendlies and 22 ferals, 10 males and 15 females.

ADOPT - Judy and Sue split the transport duties with 3 friendlies and 12 ferals, 6 males and 9 females.

One of the four vehicles

Glen Ellyn - 5 feral cats made the trip, 4 males and one already spayed female that, as luck would have it needed a dental badly so it was good she went to GEAH and her chip traced back to the Buddy Foundation and they are taking her back to find out what happened and either return her or find her a new home.

So, 44 cats for 9/22/16, 129 for September, 692 for the year and 9,127 since our beginning in 2007. And we still have more trips for September! Sheesh!

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