37 Cats & Kittens Spent the Night

We get so busy doing all the things that are needed that we can't always report WHAT we're doing! Since our 9,000th cat on 9/1, we have not slowed down.

On 9/2, ADOPT Pet Shelter's s/n clinic processed 20 cats for us, 17 friendlies, 3 ferals with 11 males and 9 females.

On 9/7, Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital neutered 4 friendly females for us!

ADOPT on a beautiful day!

On 9/8, PAWS neutered 11 cats, 1 friendly and 10 ferals composed of 5 males and 6 females.

On 9/12, Glen Ellyn helped us with 4 friendlies and 1 feral, 3 females and 2 males in that batch.

Some of the Kittens that need Fostering

9/15, PAWS neutered 25 cats, 3 friendlies and 22 ferals with 18 females and 7 males. And Glen Ellyn spayed one friendly female for us on the same day.

To do this, we relied on the transport help of Debbie, Charli, Dedra, Sue, Judy, Laura and probably some other folks that I'm forgetting! This was a total of 66 cats for these trips, 85 for September, 648 for the year and 9,083 since our beginning.

And we're not done - see our update about 9/22 to follow!

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