Waiting to go to PAWS

What a full week!

On 8/22 Feral Fixers sent 5 male friendlies to ADOPT Pet Shelter's spay/neuter clinic AND 7 friendlies and 1 feral to Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital, of these 2 were female and 6 were male.

On 8/25 we sent 5 cats to ADOPT, 1 friendly and 4 ferals, 1 female and 4 males of which 1 was already neutered. Also on 8/25/16 we sent 20 cats to PAWS, 19 ferals and 1 friendly, 7 males and 13 females.

At PAWS awaiting surgery

To wrap up the week, we sent 5 more friendlies, 1 male and 4 females to GEAH on 8/26/16. Oh, yeah, an injured intact feral was sent to GEAH on 8/25 so he got neutered as well. So, that is 44 cats neutered in one week in 6 different trips.

Many thanks to Debbie, Charli, Laura, Kim, Judy, Sue and Cheri for all the transporting - couldn't do it without you! This brings us to 120 for the month of August, 563 for 2016, and a total of 8,998 since our beginning. #9000 will happen on 9/1/16!

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