K-Cat says "I see you"

On Thursday, July 28th, 20 cats went to PAWS. Of them, 6 were friendlies and 14 were ferals. Of that 20, 7 were male and 13 were female. In the mix was K-cat, our feral spokescat for the trip, who was very vocal and demonstrated her displeasure with screeching and striking the evening before and the morning, while at PAWS was very well behaved, only to resume the behavior once returned for recovery - doesn't she look calm and sweet in the picture while at PAWS?

Skywalker or Leia

Skywalker & Leia are identical except one is male and female, carriers were identical and photo did not capture the label, he/she was very happy to be making the trip back to their foster at the end of the day!

Hallway at PAWS

Debbie and Charli transported in the AM, Dedra and Debbie did pickup from PAWS in the PM.

With this trip, we've had 73 for the month of July, 443 for the year and 8,878 since our beginning.

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