Loaded Van

On Thursday, July 14th, Feral Fixers sent 9 cats to PAWS. As happens way too often, someone left a trap set on Wednesday night and contacted us at 8AM - the time the cats depart. With a quick call to PAWS and to a volunteer, we did arrange for the late arrival to make a separate, additional trip to PAWS, bringing our total to 10. Charli did the main AM trip, Debbie made the additional trek and Dedra brought them all back in the PM - picture of the cats brought back. Of the 10, there were 5 ferals and 5 friendlies. Of these, 4 were females and 6 were males. This brings us to 10 for Thursday, 29 for the month, 399 for the year and 8,834 since we began TNR in 2007.

Two of the cats came from a location with a Koi pond. The owners had let the water level get a little low = two cats that have learned to fish! Koi can be very expensive, these boys were not really welcomed back. So this weekend Trout and Catfish will be going to TreeHouse' Cats At Work Program to see if their skills will translate to rodent patrol! This will bring the total number of cats to 54 that have moved from the suburbs into Chicago for their new jobs - a large portion of the cats deployed by TreeHouse so far this year.

We are very grateful to TreeHouse for this program - we don't have to find the relocation sites, transport and monitor these cats the rest of their lives, and now the cats will HAVE a "rest of their lives"!

To learn more about the TreeHouse program - Cats At Work, click here for a really fine article (no apologies to the Chicago Tribune's John Kass).

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