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Saturday, 7/9, was a beautiful day for an adoption event at our new venue, the Pet Supplies Plus at 720 E. Ogden Ave., in Naperville. The store manager and employees were very welcoming to us, and we had a lot of good foot traffic, actual adopters and potential adopters.

4 cats & kittens were adopted during the event - all to pre-approved families. Pet Supplies Plus provided wonderful gift bags to each family.

  • Clark went home with a great family from Aurora. He will be a special companion for a 10 yr old girl and her older sister.
  • Ruffles and Elizabeth went home together with a terrific mom and her adult daughter from Bartlett, who recently lost a beloved pair of female cats. They were delighted that the girls got along well together and would be companions for each other as well as them.
  • Bruce went home to a great family in Glen Ellyn, who had recently lost a female cat, and have a small Shih Tzu dog who was missing her cat companion. Once Bruce and the dog get acquainted, we hope they will be good buddies.

Another pre-approved family also stopped by to meet our cats & kittens. They are trying to decide between an adult cat and kittens. Right now they had their eye on Nola or possibly Wednesday.

We were also visited by several new potential adopters. One who is interested in Jackie, and a few others who took flyers and applications. All in all a very busy and productive day!

We displayed our new sign outside the store along Ogden Ave to help draw in people. Debbie decorated it further with an adorable kitten balloon, complete with kitten sounds! It was so realistic sounding that Cheri thought there were baby kittens hiding in the bushes outside the store!

Fiona, our animatronic white mascot kitty, sported one of her full wardrobe of kitty hats, knitted by Debbie. We plan to feature one hat at each subsequent adoption event and auction it off on-line after the event.

There were 6 teenage and adult cats (Ruffles, Elizabeth, Tommy, Jackie, Nola and Floyd) at the event, as well as 6 kittens (Bruce, Clark, Wednesday, Tamerind, Woolly and Niagra). Everyone did very well, and enjoyed the attention they received.

Many thanks to the fosters who brought their kitties to the event, specifically Cheri, Pam, Heather, Sarah, Javeria, Jessi, and Tori & Taylor. Special thanks to Javeria, Cheri, Sarah and Jessi who stayed during the event to help promote their kitties, and to Debbie who gave Tommy a ride back to Cheri's.

Many thanks also to the volunteers who helped with the event, specifically Sara, Debbie, Lauren and Jill. Set-up and clean-up went very efficiently, and everyone was very busy meeting and greeting all of the visitors and potential adopters. Thanks also to Bernie and her family for stopping by to visit.

Publicity was also great for this event, thanks to Connie, Ted and Sara. Sara did a great job of photographing the event, and even tried out our first live feed on Facebook - very cute! We look forward to more use of this new media in the future.

Thanks also to Mike for updating our Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder, and to Debbie for updating our poster board.

Our next adoption event is scheduled for Saturday, 7/30, at our usual PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. The Pet Supplies Plus store would definitely like us back, so I will schedule some future events there this summer.

Great job everyone!



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