Escape Artist

The PAWS trip on Thursday started out with a bit of a rodeo. A "friendly" had plastered the inside of her carrier with poop. While her level of friendliness was questionable, there was no way we could send her in that condition. An attempt was made to transfer her to another, clean carrier. Most cats in this situation hang to the back of the carrier, they can be scruffed and moved or just walk into the new carrier when they are placed opening to opening. Not Patches. BOLTED forward and could not be held back. Off to the rafters of the garage she went. Judy, hero of the rodeo, climbed the work carts in

Indispensable Tool

order to try to net her. She moved and went into a cubbyhole above the window. After trying to pry her out of that area, off she went again to climb the wall in another corner. Luckily, the net we have has an opening that can be opened and drawn closed with a ridged loop of wire. Her next dash took her right into the net and we had her! Of course the net had ended up inside out and the zipper on the bottom of the net was inside. No problem, we placed her over the opening of a transfer trap and worked her down thru the opened wire into the transfer. Usually, it takes a day to trap a cat in the garage but we were able to resolve Patches' escape in 15 minutes. Couldn't do it without Judy!


Transport Vehicle

After that excitement, 19 cats were transported to PAWS - 8 ferals and 11 friendlies (now that Patches could only be classified as a feral!). There were 8 females and 11 males. Luckily, once the cats got to PAWS, things seem to go without incident! This brings our numbers to 19 for today and the month of July, 389 for the year and 8,824 since we began in 2007. Some of the kittens neutered today will be at the adoption event on Saturday - do your best to get pre-approved - sounds like it could be crowded!

Transport Vehicle

Debbie and Charli transported in the AM and Debbie & Dedra did pickup in the PM. In addition to transport, Debbie took one of her fosters to the vet in the afternoon (one step closer to being adoptable!) and then ended the day by transporting Patches back to her caretaker as they could not come pick her up til very late. Debbie also took the pictures included in this posting. We could not do this without our transporters and Debbie so often does double duty with so many tasks - Thank you Debbie! Thank you everyone!

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