On Tuesday, 6/7, we sent 4 cats to PAWS who completely ignored our "No Cats Week", so we slipped them in on a Tuesday. Debbie transported both ways - 3 ferals and one friendly, of which there were one male and 3 females.

Today, on Thursday, 6/16, Laura & Debbie transported in the AM and Debbie and Dedra did the PM transport. We sent in 22 cats, 9 ferals and 13 friendlies. Of which, 11 were female and 11 were male but one was already neutered. It was good that Liam went anyway though - we found out that he had severe dental disease and should have his eye looked at by a regular vet for treatment - so not a wasted trip for him!

This brings us to 25 in the last two trips, 37 for June, 313 for the year and 8,748 since we began in 2007.

In addition, we received a call about a friendly cat last week. The lady needed us to come get him as she was leaving town the next day with her church group to do volunteer work in Appalachia - talk about pressure. We did come get the cat, he really was a friendly cat. With all of the things on our plate, we finally had a chance to get him to the vet today. We had scanned him with our AVID scanner but the vet found a Home Again chip (looks like we need to get a Universal scanner sooner than later). We called Home Again, got the info of the owners and they actually answered the phone. Just this morning his "mom" was worrying about him again and praying that he would come home - he had been gone a month. She was so happy! and met our volunteer at the vet to pick him up - which made the staff really happy too! Microchips are so very important!

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