One of Feral Fixers ongoing volunteer needs is for Fosters, people who are willing to take care of cats or kittens on a temporary basis in order to help get them ready for adoption and to find their Forever Homes. We are grateful beyond words to those people who have already stepped up and are fosters for the cats and kittens we come across while doing our main mission of Trap-Neuter-Return - they truly are heroes. Without their help, these cats would be returned to the outdoors with all of the dangers that entails.

And at this time of the year, Fosters are needed even more. As was noted in our latest newsletter:

Kittens are coming! We refer to it as a "Kitten Avalanche!" We've only seen the very first rumblings so far but by the time we get to the Kitten Shower, we should be immersed! In addition, we have so many lovely adults that need some time in a home before they can go on to their permanent families - former ferals are so grateful at the chance to come inside.

With the large number of shelters in this area, we are all competing for a very small pool of possible foster families. Our fosters enable us to adopt out our cats but also enable us to transfer our cats to shelters that, due to their size, may have a larger network and more adoption applicants than we have - gaining more exposure for the cats that we have fostered and transferred to them, ready for adoption.

To help answer the questions that someone considering to be a foster might have, Feral Fixers has prepared a new document / hand-out on Fostering and what it entails. You are strongly encouraged to read it and to, hopefully, consider becoming a Feral Fixers Foster! Also, please feel free to share this document with anyone you might know.

And a reminder - at the upcoming Kitten Shower this coming Sunday (you ARE coming, aren't you?), there will be a special table staffed by Feral Fixers volunteers and Fosters. These people will be able to answer any further questions you might have about becoming a Feral Fixers Foster.


Thank you!

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