The ASPCA is celebrating their 150th birthday! As part of this celebration, they are offering several grants to Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations.

Feral Fixers President Tammy urges us all to participate and help Feral Fixers.

One entry per person to help Feral Fixers receive a grant for up to $150,000! Five additional entries will receive $5,000! Six chances to win for Feral Fixers! Entry deadline is September 7th. Think about all the wonderful things you have to say about Feral Fixers and keep it to 200 - 400 words!

'Judging and Prizes: One (1) Contestant will be selected as the grand prize winner and five (5) Contestants will be selected as second place winners at the end of the Contest submission period based on: the compelling nature of the Contestant’s designated animal shelter’s need and worthiness with regards to the grant, and the quality of the Contestant’s expression and writing, as determined by the ASPCA judges in their sole discretion.'

This is NOT a "vote each and every day, pressure, pressure" type campaign. You get one chance to make a plea to help Feral Fixers and all you need to nominate us is our website address - and positive information about us - how much easier could it be?

FYI - in addition to funding TNR, this could be the grant that would bring us further to having a building, brick and mortar, to further help the cats of DuPage County, reducing overpopulation, euthanasia and improving the lives of all DuPage County cats!

Any one can nominate us, from all over the country! Spread the word about us and ask everyone you know to enter on our behalf, you never know!!!

To enter, you need to visit the ASPCA "150 days" page, scroll down and tell them what action(s) you have taken to help animals and enter your name and email address. Click on the SUBMIT MY ACTIONS button to be taken to the contest entry page. Re-enter your name and email address and then tell the ASPCA why you think Feral Fixers should win this award.

Thank you!

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