We have had some very good luck lately in getting our sweet, FIV+ cats adopted. If you look at our Can You Change Their luck web flyer, you'll note that we have only ONE FIV+ cat we're now trying to adopt out.

It has helped that we have had some generous donors pay the donation cost up-front so that some of these cats can be adopted. One of them is:

Many thanks to Margie Cleveland who provided the $55 donation to cover Rutherford's adoption! Margie is a Feral Fixers supporter and the proud adopter of two Feral Fixers kittens (Rutger and Bobby). Bobby had some health issues himself as a kitten which delayed his growth and development. But with the help of Margie's good care, he is now healthy and happy and enjoying life with his buddy Rutger.

Thank you Margie! And, please note that the adoption fee has already been paid for Nola, our remaining FIV+ cat up for adoption.

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