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Protect Cats and Trap-Neuter-Return in Illinois

Help Illinois protect even more community cats with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). The Illinois General Assembly is considering a bill that would allow animal shelters, animal control, and animal protection organizations to utilize funding for the spay/neuter of community cats. If the bill, HB 4671, passes, more cats will be able to benefit from TNR.

Protect Illinois’ community cats—ask your legislators to vote yes on the bill.

An Illinois Public Health and Safety Animal Population Control Program currently subsidizes the TNR work individuals carry out. This bill would allow shelters, animal control, and animal organizations to also have access to these funds to help cats. Under the program, they would only have to pay the veterinarian a $15 co-pay per animal for surgery and vaccination. That means even more cats in Illinois can be spayed/neutered!

Illinois residents: write to your legislators and tell them to support the bill and save more cats. Anti feral cat groups and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources have urged legislators to vote no on this bill based on misguided and false ideas about community cats. We need our voice to be louder than ever to make sure this bill passes! Please take action and tell your legislators to vote yes on this lifesaving bill.

Currently (May 4th, 2016) this bill resides in the Rules Committee (you can see the status of this bill by clicking here).

If you are unsure as to who your state representative is, there are several web sites available to help you find out. A very easy one to use is here.

Please contact your state representative today and urge their support for HB4671 - thank you!

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