Great news - one of our FIV+ cats has been adopted! Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator, Sue, gives us the details:

Tweedy was adopted on Thursday by a post-graduate student at National University of Health Science. She was drawn to him by "his handsome appearance and super friendly nature", and was willing to accept his FIV+ status given his current healthy condition. She is looking forward to Tweedy's help with her school work ;-)

And Tweety's adopter, Jinan, sends us this update on Tweedy:

Tweedy is doing great. I put him in the litter box when we first gotten home so he can understand where he needed to go and I made sure the litter box was in a visible area. I clean it every time he uses it. He love the food options i give him and he love open the cabinet (they are all clean and empty) which he hops in and out of. he takes naps on my bed. He response when i call his name and he follows me around everywhere I go. He is getting use to the light since he doesn't really like it when i open my curtains so i close them back up so he can feel comfortable. Now he started to allow me to hold him which is awesome."

So, thank you Jinan and congratulations Tweedy on finding your forever home!

(Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full-size version of the picture)

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