The sun was shining brightly on a day that felt more like February than April for our adoption event on Saturday, 4/9, at the Kriser's in Glen Ellyn (674 Roosevelt Road). It was a successful day with 2 kitties going home from the event, both to pre-approved adopters.

Laila went home with terrific young couple from Oak Forrest. No young children and Laila will be the only kitty in the household, so I'm sure she will enjoy being the princess.

Hugo went home with a wonderful, young couple from Schaumburg. Hugo seemed to melt in the gal's arms, so I think he will be very happy with them. They also have no other pets, so he will be the focus of their attention.

We also received an application from a great gal who lives in Lisle. She was most interested in Alamo, but wanted a little time to decide. I will be following up. There were other folks who stopped by and picked up flyers. Midas' former caregiver stopped by to give him a hug :-)

A number of our former adopters also stopped by to rave about their adopted cats, including Spruce, Styler & Wadzi, and Suzanne & Luna. All are doing very well and dearly loved! A current foster stopped by to talk about her kitties who were rescued from the West Chicago location. It was a fun and productive day.

We had a great group of cats & kittens at the event, including Midas, Trixie, Wilson, Lipton, Tyler, Bogie, Bacall, Rumchata, Carina, Laila, Alamo, Arthur, Tyler and Hugo. Everyone did very well and enjoyed the petting and attention they received. No escapees this week :-) Sadly, no adults were adopted.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and fosters who helped make the day successful, including Laurel, Toni, Debbie, Jill, Lauren, Marissa, Maureen, Cheri, Robin, John, Laura and Judy. Thanks to Mike for the binder updates, Debbie for the poster updates, and to Connie & Ted for the great advertising. Thanks to Maureen for taking photos during the event.

Our next adoption event is scheduled for Saturday, 4/30. This one will be at the PetSmart in south Naperville (111th & Hwy 59) - not our usual PetSmart location. It will be a special event featuring cats & dogs from several rescues.

Many thanks to all!


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