Last Thursday, Feral Fixers sent in another load of cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic. Feral Fixers president Tammy gives us the details:

Thursday, Feral Fixers sent 12 cats to PAWS. Debbie did transport in the AM and Dedra did pickup this evening. There were 11 ferals and 1 friendly, of which 5 were females and 7 were males. We had a feral that already had a left ear tip due to severe frostbite - not the first from this colony with that condition. Our best guess is that this group was allowed to be in/out cats and when the caretaker died they were unprepared for the full brunt of the cold. There was a cat named Fluffy - yes, with long hair - who had a matt hanging from her chest like a very long beard. Fluffy had to be shaved and will have to stay with us longer than planned since it is still pretty cold and Spring is not coming around as quickly as we hoped!

12 seems like a small number compared to some of our trips to PAWS, but 12 can take even more effort to achieve when you are trying for the last members of a colony. With this trip, its 12 for the trip and 12 for the month, 166 for the year and 8,601 since we began!

Thanks, as always, to super-transport-volunteers Debbie and Dedra!

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