Yesterday, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event, this one at KRiSERS in Glen Ellyn. Feral Fixers Board member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details of the day's happenings...

What a beautiful February day for an adoption event - it felt like spring! Many thanks to Kriser's for hosting us and for the food donations they provided!

While the store manager apologized a bit for the turn-out, we had a pretty steady stream of visitors, especially at the beginning of the event. Three kittens were adopted at the event today:

Tiffany and Zales were adopted by a wonderful young couple from Sycamore. They had spent a good deal of time convincing the owners of their apartment building to get an exception to their declaw requirement. Fortunately, persistence paid off and they got the agreement in writing. They are well prepared to give Tiffany and Zales the good diet, medical care and love they need.

McIlroy was adopted by a very nice young woman from Plainfield. He will be a companion for a 10 week old kitten she adopted from another organization.

We also received two other serious inquiries on three of our kittens. A family of five, who is moving to a new home in Gilberts, IL, fell in love with Gabby & Tito. I will be in touch once they get settled into their new home. A couple who adopted Felipe last July is now looking for a companion for him, and are considering Rodney or Travis. We will be arranging meetings.

So, all in all, it was a good day. We had 8 kittens (Laila, McIlroy, Appertif, Colada, Gabby, Tito, Tiffany & Zales), 3 adults (Mozzi, Atlanta, Zeke) and 3 FIV+ adults (Tweedy, Rutherford, Lipton) in attendance. Everyone interacted well with our guests.

Tweedy did an excellent job of being in the forefront of our group and greeting our visitors. Unfortunately, he could not spark any interest in our FIV+ cats. We will be continuing our promotion until St. Patrick's Day, so please get the word out. We have so many out-going and social FIV+ cats who deserve loving homes!

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with the event today - Laurel, Sara, Lauren, Bethany, Maureen and Debbie. Thanks to Lauren for bringing more beautiful blankets to give to our adopters. Special thanks to Debbie for knitting the very cure shamrock hat worn by our white animatronic cat mascot (donated by Mary Rosa). I hear she is making more for our Kitten Shower in June!

Many thanks to the foster who brought their kitties to the event and also stayed to promote them - Bethany, Marissa, Cheri, Laura, Julie, Judy and Marianne. Special thanks to Judy for helping in so many ways with the rescue, care and adoption of our kitties.

Many thanks to Connie and Ted for the great job in promoting this event on Facebook and our web site. Thanks to Sara for taking photos during the event. Thanks to Mike for providing the updates to the binder. Also welcome and thanks to our new volunteer, Javeria, who took photos of the kitties at the event and will be working with Meggie to update our Instagram account.

We are a great team - thanks all!

Our next adoption event will be Saturday, 3/19, at PetSmart in Rice Lake Square, Wheaton. This is the weekend before Easter. So please mark your calendars.

Thanks Sue and thanks to everyone who made this event possible!

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