On Sunday, February 14th, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event, this in conjunction with a PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details of the days events:

Although the weather outside became a bit frightful as the afternoon wore on and the snow came down, adoptions at the PetSmart National Adoption Event on Sunday, 2/14, were delightful! It seems we have been experiencing an opposite correlation between the weather and adoptions lately.

7 cats and kittens were adopted at the event, all to pre-approved adopters :-)

* Felicia went home with a cat-loving couple from Villa Park. She will have 2 other females and 1 male cat to keep her company.

* Marley went home with a family from Oak Lawn. She will have 2 young boys, ages 7 & 10, to play with her.

* Ritz went home with a great dad and his 3 children (age 10 boy, age 12 girl, & age 15 boy) from Glendale Heights.

* Checker and Amethyst went home with a young couple from Aurora. Both had cats or dogs growing up at home and now wanted to have a pair of their own.

* Jan Brady went home with a couple from Naperville. She will have an 11 yr old female cat to keep her company. Unfortunately, we couldn't convince them to also take Peter Brady, but Jan will be well-loved.

* Schnitzel was adopted by a family from Naperville with a 14 yr old female cat, who will be his companion. Schnitzel will be going home on Monday following a quick visit to the vet for a vaccination update. Hooray for Schnitzel - he has been waiting a long time for this day!

Another family drove all the way down from WI to meet Andy. The wife has allergies and they were hoping that Andy would not trigger them. Sadly, he did, so they ended up driving back without a cat, to their, our and Andy's disappointment.

At the event, another family stopped by interested in Winter - also for allergy reasons. Since Winter was not at the event, I am following up with her.

We had 20 cats & kittens present at the event - 3 bonded Valentine pairs (Gabby & Tito, Tiffany & Zales, Bogie & Bacall), plus 9 additional kittens (Jan, Peter, Marley, Laila, Adeline, Felicia, Anna, Amethyst, Ritz) and 5 additional adults (Checker, Andy, Maxwell, Pullman, Schnitzel). Everyone did exceptionally well in meeting and greeting the people.

So it was a wonderfully busy and crazy event! Many thanks to everyone who helped. It was truly a team effort.

Welcome and thanks to 3 new volunteers this week - Jill, JoEllen, and JoEllen's grandson, Derrick! Derrick will earning community service credit for school by working at our event. Your help was most appreciate, and we hope you come back for more events!

Many thanks also to several of our "seasoned" volunteers: Debbie, who helped with much of the adoption paperwork, Lauren, who wrote up all of the Valentine cage cards and brought some new blankets for adopters, Sara, who helped with the photography and some of the adoption paperwork, and Laurel, who stopped by at the end to help with the clean-up.

Thanks also to the volunteers who brought their cats and kittens to the event - Marissa, Laura, Gillian, Maureen, Heather, Debbie, Tammy and Judy. Special thanks to Marissa, Laura and Maureen for staying during the event to help (Marissa will be earning community service credit for school as well), to Gillian and Maureen for bringing Valentine goodies to the event, to Judy for staying through the event to help with many things including kitten vaccinations, and to Tammy for stopping by at the start of the event to take care of several things.

Further thanks go to Debbie for updating our cat/kitten poster board, to Mike for updating our cat/kitten binder and to Connie and Ted for handling the excellent advertising that made this event successful!

Our next event will be on Saturday, 2/27, at Krisers in Glen Ellyn.

Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day!


Wow - fantastic! Great job everyone - huge kudos to everyone who helped make such a wonderful day happen!

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