On Saturday, January 30th, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event at the PetSmart in Wheaton. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details of the day's happenings...

While the weather outside was delightful, adoptions inside were rather slow at the 1/30 adoption event at PetSmart in Wheaton. Cindy was the only kitten who found her forever home with a couple from Aurora. She will have 2 small dogs to keep her ompany. Marissa, her foster mom, said she was doing well with their dog.

There were several other potential adopters who visited with our kitties and may be pursuing adoption following the event, two of whom filled out applications at the event. There was also another family interested in Princess who stopped by near the end of the event. I am following up with them.

Although it was slow, it was a good opportunity for the Feral Fixers' team and fosters to get together. Kim debuted the iPad featuring a few videos of Biju, Victor and Pike. Debbie did a nice job of updating our adoption poster, and Mike provided the updates to the cat & kitten binder. Lauren refilled our candy stash and brought some nice new blankets for future adopters. Sara did a nice job of the photography.

We had 25 cats and kittens in attendance - 15 kittens (Cindy, Peter, Jan, Presto, Brioche, Amethyst, Gabby, Tito, Peaches, Bea, Blair, Raspberry, Argo, Lacey and Poptart), and 10 cats (Biju, Victor, Bogie, Bacall, Pullman, Lucia, Zeke, Zeva, Smoochie, and Princess). Everyone was very well-behaved and quite engaging with the customers. Bea drew a lot of attention and patiently accepted a good amount of handling. We are still looking for a calm home for her with another kitty companion.

Many thanks to all of the fosters for bringing their cats & kittens to the event and in many cases, staying to support the event - Marissa, Diane/Paul, Debbie, Laura, Cheri, Christie/Kyle, Kim, Julie/Vey. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with the set-up and clean-up as well as during the event - Kevin, Alex & Erin, Sara, Lauren and Debbie. Special thanks to Judy and Tammy for their support during the event, and to Judy for staying around to help with the clean-up. Special thanks to Debbie for transporting many of the cats & kittens to the event. Many thanks to Connie and Ted as well, for providing the publicity for this event.

We have 2 adoption events planned in February. PetSmart National Adoption Weekend is 2/13-14. ARF will be at the store on 2/13, so we will have our event on Sunday, 2/14 at the Wheaton PetSmart - Happy Valentine's Day! Two weeks later, we will have an event at Kriser's on Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn on Saturday, 2/27. So please mark you calendars!

Thanks much to all!


Thanks Sue and to everyone who helped out at this event!

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