On Thursday, Feral Fixers sent in 26 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. Feral Fixers president Tammy gives us the scoop on the days activities:

Thursday's trip to PAWS had a lot of leftovers - cats that were not healthy enough for the last trip in December comprised more than half of the load.

Debbie & Charli made the trip in the AM and Debbie and new transport volunteer Jill did pickup in the PM.

We sent in 26, 23 were friendlies and 3, while they went in traps, are expected to be friendly in a very short time and we'll be holding onto them to see if that is to their liking! Of the 26, 17 were female and 8 were males and one friendly did not get neutered because he had a heart murmur in the 3 - 4 range. We will schedule his surgery locally, soon - heart murmurs are a problem with anesthesia and he will receive close monitoring. The crazy thing is that very often cats will mature out of murmurs as their hearts grow, but we need to neuter so that he can go on to a home as soon as possible. Not the only Catch22 we experience!

So we are 25 across the board in 2016 with a since time began number of 8,460!

Thank you to super-volunteers Charli, Debbie, Debbie (again!) and Jill!

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