Let's Fill it Up!

This time of year, we go to the P.O. Box daily. Sometimes there is nothing, but this time of year there is often a stack of donations and registrations for Frosty Claws! This time of year makes going to the post office a bit more exciting! So many people drop us a card, thank us for everything we do and make a donation. It is greatly appreciated, both the donation and to know how we made a difference! Wanted to remind everyone that in order to be counted towards a 2016 charitable donation, the checks must be dated by 12/31/16 and received ASAP. Paypal donations must be made by 12/31/16. The IRS requires a tax donation letter for those above $250, we go above and beyond that and provide a letter for all monetary donations for the year. We have a unique challenge this year as Paypal is not always giving us physical addresses for donations - please give us that information so that we can fully document your donation!

Thank you all so much! Have a Great New Year!

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