Last cats of the day

This was our last trip to PAWS for 2016 - can't say last s/n, because despite the chances being slim, there are a few more days to the year! Charli drove 13 cats to PAWS today, 9 friendlies and 4 ferals and Debbie picked them up - traffic was terrible - how many people have tomorrow off and they are doing their last-minute shopping? There were 5 males and 8 females. One friendly female had an umbilical hernia which was fixed as part of the whole process.

Looks like us and one other group left

In addition, we sent 2 friendly males to GEAH today - one of their techs is in vet school and wanted to be in on some neuters while she was home and we were happy to help further her education - with the regular vet overseeing the process we had a vet two-fer on these surgeries!

So in total, we had 15 today, 43 for December, 1,010 for the year and have now done 9,445 since we began in 2007. When we are almost the last to pick up the clinic looks very empty!

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