Don't forget to snap some pictures of your ferals in the snow for our 2017-2018 Holiday Card Photo Contest! Looks like we may have plenty of snow this winter and you should have plenty of opportunity to capture your ferals' beauty in the snow! Judging based on snow, evident eartip, photo clarity, in order to grace our Holiday Card next year! Ferals are beautiful, capture their image! We'll share their story with others who love ferals! Deadline April 1st, 2017 but the snow is here NOW!

This will be the sixth year we've held this Holiday card contest.. The winner this year was submitted by Grace Sanchez-Vegas and is a picture of "Chickybaby". Chickybaby was responsible for producing so many kittens in 2011. Grace is sure that she was dumped in the area and was pregnant when she first showed up. She had 9 kittens that first summer and would not go into a trap. It took two years to finally get her in to be spayed in 2013. She is definitely feral, will allow Grace to touch her very lightly occasionally, but has no interest in going further. While she has a shelter available, she prefers to live under the deck next door, but comes when called to dinner. Chickybaby insists on getting canned food, will sit for hours by the back door, waiting, and if there was not enough in the first helping, will continue to wait until she has had what she feels is the right amount of canned food. She no longer hisses, has learned that meowing gets better service. This is a very happy feral, queen of her domain.

Photos should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can accept practically any kind of photo format and, the higher the resolution, the better.

(To see a larger size image of Chickybaby, click on the picture).

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