The cold weather did not seem to deter potential adopters from our adoption event on Saturday, 12/17, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. All of our wonderful cats & kittens must have drawn them in!

We had 2 kittens go home during the event and may have up to 6 adoptions as result of meetings that occurred during the event.

  • Scrumptious was adopted by a very nice young gal from Elmhurst. She has a 5 yr old male Cornish Rex cat who will be her companion. She texted me a photo and update last night. The cats are getting acquainted already and doing very well.
  • Chevy was adopted by a young man from Winfield. He lives at home and his parents adopted Austin from us in February. Austin is doing very well and should help Chevy acclimate to his new home.

The following adoptions have or may occur following the event.

  • Gatsby was adopted on Sunday by a young couple from Joliet. They currently have a 2 yr old brother/sister pair. They completed an application at the event and were subsequently approved.
  • Dory is the first choice of a great family from Hoffman Estates. They were pre-approved prior to the event and mom and their children came to the event and chose Dory. Nikki will be hosting a meeting with Dory for mom & dad this week to finalize their choice. Peyton is second in line, if things would not work out with Dory.
  • Chika & Christos won the heart of a woman and her adult daughter from Villa Park. They had been pre-approved and plan to pick up the kittens next weekend.
  • Monroe & Kevin caught the eye of a dad from Glen Ellyn who was looking for a pair of kittens for his family. He completed an application and follow-up is underway with a tentative visit by the whole family at the foster home on Wednesday.

Tracy's Dog also hosted an adoption event at the Wheaton PetSmart around the time we were wrapping up. Tracy's Dogs rescues stray dogs (primarily from southern states) and offers them for adoption on-line. Potential adopters complete their applications and adopt their dogs sight unseen on-line. The dogs are brought to PetSmart for pick-up by their adopters. 41 dogs were united with their adopting families on Saturday.

Kim created a wonderful holiday raffle basket for the event - thanks, Kim! Fiono sported her Christmas hat, knitted by Debbie. Sara baked banana bread, several folks brought snacks, and Laurel did our lunch run. It was a festive event!

Many thanks to the 22 kittens (Kuma, Willard, Delilah, Lady Theodora, Kevin, Bonita, Harry, Hastings, Schnapps, Scrumptious, Parker, Tapas, Barbaro, Donnerail, Monroe, Rosie, Chevy, Chika, Christos, Hollis, Hopscotch, Houston) and 4 adult cats (Dory, Mikey, Peyton, James) who were the stars of the show. They did a great job of handling all of the activity and interaction, although Rosie gave us a hint of what she really felt ;-)

Even more thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event a success! Thanks to Sara, Lauren, Laurel, Debbie, Candy and Jill for all of your help in so many ways in. We are a great team and getting better and better at what we do! Sara specializes in adoption counseling and adoption contracts. Lauren does an excellent job creating the cage cards. Debbie is always willing to transport cats & kittens as needed. Laurel, Sara, Lauren, Debbie, Candy and Jill all do a great job of helping with set-up and clean-up, as well as promoting our cats & kittens and bringing in the adopters during the event. Thank you!

Thanks to the fosters who brought their kittens to the event and stayed as much as they could to promote their kittens during the event, specifically Marjorie, Jillian, Diane, Marilyn, Debbie, Nikki, Jan, Kim, and Erika. Thanks also to Julie for bringing Jessi's foster and staying to greet our guests. Your participation is key to a successful event!

Thanks to Candy for handling the photography and videography during the event. Thanks also to Connie and Ted for doing a great job of promoting the event, to Mike for sending the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder, and to Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board. Lauren - thanks for bringing the Comfort for Critters blankets for our adopters. Thanks also to Sara for handling the laundry for the event.

This was our last adoption event of 2016. With Frosty Claws on 1/15, I will be trying to schedule our next event on either 1/7 or 1/21, pending available space at PetSmart. The January schedule has not yet been defined, so I will keep you posted.

Thanks again for a wonderful year of friendship and camaraderie, as we all strive to help the friendly cats & kittens that Feral Fixers rescues find loving forever homes!

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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