With so many friendlies still on hand, we sent 10 more cats to PAWS on Thursday. Two were questionable as to whether they would make the transition to friendly and/or be kept inside reliably, so were processed as ferals. Charli transported in the AM and Debbie picked up in the PM, the 2 ferals and 8 friendlies. Two friendlies had runny noses so their surgeries were refused, resulting in 2 females and 6 males being neutered. This brings us to 8 for this trip, 28 for December so far, 995 for the year and 9,430 to date.

We have one more trip for friendlies on the 22nd and then we must insist on a very looooonnnnnggggg break. We fend off requests every day for help. People procrastinate, suddenly realize its going to be cold and want all the cats neutered now and "could you find a home for them, too?" We just can't. Our outgoing phone message says we are not taking on any new clients, yet people want to be the exception to that. It just tears us up. So if you hear that we are non-responsive to requests, there's plenty of reason, perhaps you can explain on our behalf? We've resolved so many locations this year, we've made a lot of progress, thank you to everyone who has helped us!

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