We always say we could not do this without your support! Thank you for the donations of time, money, supplies! At this time we are approaching 1,000 cats neutered in 2016 and have passed 9,400 since our beginning. We appreciate your part in all of this!

#Giving Tuesday Black Cat Fundraiser

In addition to being part of our logo, many people think of black cats when they think of feral cats – hence our #Giving Tuesday having a black spokescat. The over 2,000 black cats we have neutered since our start are just the black cats in our records, does not include the thousands more of black & white cats, the gray/brown/orange tabbies, the torties & calico cats, the Siamese and Snowshoe mixes. But just think, 2,000 cats who will not be creating more, have had a chance to live their lives without disease caused by mating behaviors and transmission of disease that they have now been vaccinated against! We try to help cats even after they have been neutered – if they come down with worms, upper respiratory, get in a car accident – as we have said before, we are the shelter for the outside cats as there is no one else who can take on that responsibility, an immense challenge this year. Our experience is that black cats have a perception problem, they may be adopted less, people may have a lower positive emotional response to them, yet they are the cats that try harder, are a bit more vocal, a bit more affectionate. Take a look at our Giving Grid – we were able to personalize it with our logo – and make a donation in memory of a black cat you have known! We have $3,000 in matching funds to start and our goal is $6,000 total. Please help us get there (or beyond) by December 22nd!

Fund our Feral’s Future

Our fundraiser for our future brick-and-mortar was fabulous! Our goal was a total of $10,000. When the matching donations did so well, our very generous initial donor then matched the additional amount and resulted in a grand total of $11,780! This is going above and beyond! A huge jump in our funds! We are all impatient for this change and are on the outlook for the right opportunity to secure a location sooner than later. We have to be careful and have the right plan in place and that may take a long time yet, but we will move quickly once we have the funds and the right location. We’ve seen other organizations move too fast and have learned from examples. Please be patient along with us and know how very grateful we are to have much more confidence in this future!

Brew House Event

On Thursday, 12/15/16 join us at the Brew House in Lombard – we’ll be sharing the event with Adopt A River Cat. Lots of craft beers and wine, raffles and great people! Look for details on our event page!

Frosty Claws Is Coming!

On Sunday, January 15th, join us at the Villa Park VFW for our NINTH Frosty Claws Open House. From 12 noon to 4 pm, we will have food, raffles, door prizes and a cat-loving crowd of people! As always, $10 in advance, $15 at the door. If you wish to donate to our Silent Auction or door prizes, please contact Tammy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., deadline 1/2/17. We are going to be crazy busy making gift baskets and already feel behind! New stuff, hand-made stuff, re-gifting is allowed but don’t give us something you wouldn’t give your friends & relatives! In the past we have had artwork, cat trees, cat shelters, a toboggan, jewelry, experiences, quilts, a huge variety of things. So far this year we have a cat treadmill and an autographed race car hood with many more items to come! New this year is a limited number of items being offered in an on-line auction – look for more details soon. We look forward to your seeing your smiling faces!

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